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September 28, 2013


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Mildly Interesting photography, to be a critic myself.
But I was hoping that we get some sort of response to Breaking Bad finale coming up, later tonight. Would love to hear your writing on it. Full disclosure, I have no idea if you watch the show; but I would venture a guess that you do because I watch the show.
Hehe. Love you GK.


I see your rectilinear lights and raise you some more:


Glenn Kenny

Ashray: Until I get the complete series on Blu-ray, which is in the works, I'm going to leave "Breaking Bad" to the television critics. To give credit where due, when those folks get excited, they REALLY get excited. I hope that not too many of them fall into a spiral of depression after the finale this evening. Some of them, sure. But not too many of them.


I would appreciate a review of the Cuban sandwich I had for lunch, Glenn. I thought it was pretty good, but I could use your insight.

Noam Sane

Sylvia Plachy to the white courtesy phone, please.

James Keepnews

Man, don't break out your phone during the opening credits of Limits of Control! 'Samattawitchoo??



The Onion: Story of small businessman struggling under the Obama administration draws to an end.


Had a pretty tasty sardine bánh mì for lunch yesterday. Can you please review this prior to it coming out on Blu-Ray, Glenn?


Also, regarding Breaking Bad:

1) I don't want to spoil it for you, but it turns out that it's his sled. (Or maybe it's Marion Davies' private parts. Opinions differ.)

2) Can you hire Heisenberg to whack either Anthony Lane or David Denby and then take their spot? I'm a subscriber, and it'd be nice to have a competent film reviewer working for the print edition. (I'm a Brody fan, but they're never going to let him write the reviews.)


"Until I get the complete series on Blu-ray, which is in the works, I'm going to leave "Breaking Bad" to the television critics."

IMHO, Glenn, you ought to watch the first two seasons of Boardwalk Empire ahead of Breaking Bad.

After the first two seasons, Boardwalk Empire turns into a rather normal 'above-avergage HBO effort'. But the first two seasons are pretty special.

And as long as we're talking 'it's not teevee, it's HBO', have you watched the Todd Haynes Mildred Pierce yet? I'd get that on Blu-Ray FIRST...


Also, the Pynchon opening quote is screwing me up. I've been going back through the Dortmunders, (some of which I'd never read), rather than continuing along by actually starting the Pynchon. Should I cease and desist from this temptation?


One should never resist the temptation to read Westlake, though personally I prefer the Parkers to the Dortmunders. Not that anyone asked.


"personally I prefer the Parkers to the Dortmunders. Not that anyone asked."

Do you prefer the Parkers or the Dortumunders, Bettencourt?

Personally, I've already done my fill on the Parkers, and appreciate multiple readings of the deft comic genius of the Dortmunders. But we can still come to consensus on Jimmy The Kid, no? It's a floor wax AND a desert topping!

(I love the NYC hyper-local of the Dortmunders. Half the fun. And given that this is the NYC Pynchon novel, it's appropriate. I think the problem is that I really did love Infinite Vice. I think I'm holding off on this one, despite it sitting here with some enthusiasm on my part, cuz I worry it won't hold up to the LA beach one...)

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