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September 02, 2013


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Brian Dauth

I missed the sepia effect as well on HEAVEN'S GATE, and thought the re-grading of the image hurt the film more than helped it. I saw HG when it first came out and liked it -- possibly changes in both me and the image make the movie seem lesser now -- I recognize the movie I had admired, but it has undergone a face-lift imparting a Joan-Rivers quality to it.

As for CLEOPATRA -- it is a wonderful queering of the Roman epic genre, and along with Cukor's THE CHAPMAN REPORT, one of the most horrific mutilations in Hollywood cinema (both films being scarred by Zanuck).

Jeff McMahon

What's wrong with the Earrings blu-ray? I'm out of that loop.


Egregious DNR, as detailed by the Criterion Forum (but few other US reviewers):



Blame seems to be located at the same French lab which similarly scrubbed 'Les Enfants du Paradis' on Blu.


"This feature is an elective. I'm not paid for it"

Look, if this is really true, I'd a refund of my subscription fee. I pay to get past the paywall, not for the tote bag. And if you're not getting a cut of the BluGuide's, something is rotten in Denmark.


Off-topic, but am I crazy, or isn't Irene Dunne twerking in The Awful Truth?

Jeff McMahon

I'm going to ask what is probably a dumb question:

Given this issue with the Criterion blu of Earrings, which of these should I do: buy the Criterion DVD, buy the Criterion blu-ray, or wait for some unknown version down the road?


Jeff, the Criterion Forum discussion (the 2nd of my links above) is along the lines of, wait for the remastered French Blu-ray early next year, which can't possibly look any worse (assuming English subtitles, and the ability of your equipment to play it), in the meantime Criterion's DVD will suffice, but buying the Blu-ray will only encourage them.

terry bandy

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