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August 08, 2013


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This argument goes back pretty much to the dawn of human civilization. Everything would be hunky dory if those damned kids would just get the hell off of the old man's lawn.


I've found that the loudmouths, rude people and 13-year-olds generally don't go to foreign or independent movies. (If they do wander in by mistake, they usually leave pretty quickly, bored out of their minds.) You'll find them at the opening weekends of blockbusters.


George, I've encountered far more loudmouths and rude people among the retirees at MOMA than at New York multiplex audiences. To be fair, other arthouse/rep audiences here are better.



Maybe some theaters could borrow this PSA from the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas.



The Alamo Drafthouse kicks people out for talking and texting during movies. Of course, not everyone is happy about this, and sometimes they make their feelings known ...

Soundtrack not safe for work, unless you're wearing headphones.


Young people are the worst about texting and other lit-up phone uses, but I find overall that older people are much worse about talking in theaters.


Are you being serious calling that piece by Calum "excellent," or is that sarcasm?

Like most (all) of Calum's writing, it's filled with (as you previously pointed out) unanswered questions. In fact, when he's not oozing juvenile scorn (see his review of Place Beyond the Pines in a column dedicated to that kind of shit-talking), his criticism amounts to a series of not-very-provocative questions mixed with arrogant, ahistorical opinions and the marked absence of any kind of actual, you know, analysis whatsoever.

So again, I ask, are you serious about that??

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