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August 09, 2013


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The NYT obituary closed with this quote by Black in reference to her character in "Five Easy Pieces":

“Certainly Rayette can just be,” she said. “I dig her, she’s not dumb, she’s just not into thinking. I didn’t have to know anybody like her to play her. I mean, I’m like her, in ways. Rayette enjoys things as she sees them, she doesn’t have to add significances. She can just love the dog, love the cat. See? There are many things she does not know, but that’s cool; she doesn’t intrude on anybody else’s trip. And she’s going to survive. Do you understand me?”

As I commented at LGM, it's impressive that she was able to articulate the character so simply and also embody that characterization so fully in the film. Perhaps that's the source quality you're talking about.

mark s.

Glenn, thanks for the bad news (I guess). Though not unexpected, it still stings. Plan to have a Karen Black film festival this weekend, screening 'Easy Rider' ("I know you!"), 'Five Easy Pieces,' 'Nashville,' 'Jimmy Dean' and maybe even 'Airport '75' (Black makes Doris Day's Julie look like she's on sopors) and 'Day of the Locust' (too old for Faye Greener, don't you think?).


She was excellent in "The Great Gatsby" (1974 version), too. And most watchable in Dan Curtis' "Burnt Offerings" and Hitchcock's swan song, "Family Plot" (both from 1976).


I finally caught up with THE OUTFIT in late May and loved it (just finished the Stark novel as well). And one of its pleasures was seeing Black again for the first time in a good while. RIP

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