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July 03, 2013


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This is why sensible folks go barefoot in NYC.

Pete Apruzzese

Close-toed sandals. No socks needed and your feet are protected, yet aired. Get ones made of synthetic leather and even the pool water won't harm them.


The injury risk objection to flip-flops is the only one that can be reasonably argued. The aesthetic one is bullshit, and smacks of urban bourgeois superiority. Feet are inherently ugly (despite LexG's protests), but so what? Who the hell spends any significant amount of time looking at other people's feet anyway?

Flops are comfortable, and super-convenient for those aforementioned short trips to the corner store and what-not. People of all ages and stripes wear them, all over the country. Deal with it.


Also, Glenn, what are the chances we can get a Blu-ray Consumer guide today? Some asshole decided it was a good idea to keep our office open on the Friday after the 4th.


LexG's current nom d'internet, 'Ray Quick', brings to mind the DC Comics superhero Johnny Quick -- a character who's obscure, hyperactive and speaks nonsense.

Hee hee hee.


I hate flip-flops and would never wear them, but I agree with those who find it exceedingly simple to keep their eyes away from other people's feet. If there were a flip-flop equivalent to a hat, I might feel differently, but Stevens' animosity toward this lowly footwear strikes me as sheer eccentricity, like Billy Bob Thornton's oft-noted fear of antique furniture.


Your poor foot!

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