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July 07, 2013


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Lovely remembrance, Glenn. I just moved out of Hoboken after six years, and can't say I ever spent much time at Maxwell's except for food & drink, but was terribly sad to hear of its planned closing, as it was really the town's singular cultural institution. No matter how yuppified or meathead-friendly the town became (and it certainly is both), Maxwell's always felt like a part of its fabric. Indeed, all things must pass away.

Janice Demeski

A touching remembrance, Glenn. I sure would love to get my hands on some Mr. Baxter recordings!


"Saturday evening my wife Claire and I took the ferry over to Hoboken to see The Feelies play its final sets at Maxwell's"

Excellent choice.


And why don't folks ever recognize The Fleshtones as being as good a band as they were?


FYI; John Zorn contributed some rightful skronking on the VF's 'Hallowed Ground' album, but he definitely didn't produce the first - Mark van Hecke was responsible

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