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June 05, 2013


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James Rocchi

Nothing is worse than the sight of one's self on-camera, so I feel your pain ... and feel it on a regular basis, several times a month.



Fluff piece celebrity interviews can be terrible for everyone involved. A friend of mine had to do a red carpet interview once and was told by her editor to ask a fairly dumb question that, as she expected, got a disdainful look and no printable answer.

I had to do one myself in school during the brief time I worked in radio. It was a public concert in Washington, and I was getting my recorder and mic ready when the event's celebrity host blew up while talking with a group of TV reporters about twenty yards from me. I looked at the PR rep, thinking "this isn't happening, is it?" To my surprise, the host walked over, spotted me, and basically aired all his grievances to me about the inane questions he was being asked while the other reporters watched quietly from their original spot.

Robert Cashill

You aren't the only one to have incurred the wrath of Hill: http://www.vulture.com/2013/06/hill-rogen-franco-on-weed-farts-masturbating.html?mid=vulture_newsletter&utm_source=cheetah&utm_medium=email


I deal with lots of very rude people every day. Jonah Hill has no excuse. That story has always made me dislike him just a little bit more, even though I don't dislike him on screen.

Now, the weed/masturbating/farts thing...in that case I think he went to easy on the guy.


I watched the clip and gotta say I sided entirely with Puga. To me, Eisenberg came off as the most irritating kind of douche. Given that performance, I'd guess he has a few years, at best, playing irritating guys who one way or another end up getting pantsed and then before long he'll turn up on one of those former celebrity losers shows. I can't recall ever seeing any Hollywood star act with less class than he did in the Carrot Top exchange. Thinking... thinking... no, I honestly can't recall seeing worse.


Finally watched the Eisehberg thing. He was trying to be a charming smartass, and she played along
Then later on she thought about it and decided there was brief fame to he extracted froj this.

And on her blog, her transcription of her own interview is inaccurate.


Okay, double checked, I misread her blog. But she was still playing along with Eisenberg, until she saw an opportunity.

PS - sorry about the typos in the previous comment. I dislike modern day devices.

Brandon Irvine

First: I think we need some sort of non-telegenic pride movement. I mean, we're just average looking people. Are we to be shamed by the mere fact we aren't in the 10% of the telegenic population?

Second: As dull as these interviews are, anybody promoting a movie about bank-robbing magicians needs to have a sense of humor about it.

Third: I skimmed as much of the Rolling Stone article on Hill/Rogen/Franco as I could stand. It really is so bad that maybe I'd give Hill a pass for being douchey to the writer.


And here's Rhys Ifans expressing discomfort with an interviewer:

Jeff McMahon

It's an awkward situation from the get-go, but your question seems (a) entirely reasonable and (b) more interesting than usual for the context. So Hill was the one being unprofessional.

But yeah, not ultimately a big deal. It could have been worse. It could have been Tommy Lee Jones.


Puga is just another of those twerps with zero skills who gets hired because she's cute and skinny; no actual ability or intelligence required. She's just lucky she's never interviewed Tommy Lee Jones.

As for Hill: he was, is and always will be a dick. That he has a career at all is cosmic retribution upon the world for some unknown sin.


Sort of a greatest-hits compilation of celeb interviews gone wrong:


TVMCCA beat me to posting the above link, but Google 'Meg Ryan Michael Parkinson' if you want to see the antagonism of Hill and Eisenberg look like amateur hour.


Entitlement. These actors make more per day of sitting there answering that schlock than a lot of the editors make in a year - so guess what - they can cope. Part of the job. Don't like it? Go work in a call center, or any kind of marketing/sales.

I think Eisenberg was being a smug bastard. He clearly felt he had the intellectual upper hand on the interviewer, and made no beans about absolutely skewering her throughout the interview. This from the dude who went after zombies and voiced a blue CG bird. Is he good at his craft? Sure. Probably quite intelligent too. This is not Revenge of the Nerds though - not the time to exact your ire on a hapless interviewer. And so she had stick - roll with it. I have to reckon Robert Downey would have been much more charming about the whole thing, whether he took her seriously or not.

And you - you sound like sour grapes. The upper classman who won't help. You got toasted once, didn't like it, and got glib response to the whole thing - which is a shame, and frankly an abuse of their (actors) station. However, you instead seem to project it on her as if she - indeed all of you "deserve" this somehow. Really? 'Coz these actors have it so, so bad?

Glenn Kenny

I do enjoy a good "fuck all y'all" comment every now and then. I must say.

Robert Cashill

Oscar nominee Jonah Hill doesn't have time for your nonsense: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/jonah_hill_doesn_answer_dumb_questions_eS72PrDqP9lmxDo8OlJDJP


I thought Hill came across as kind of a self-important dick in the RS interview (althought the interviewer certainly didn't help himself by greeting Hill as "Seth"!), and Glenn's anecdote only reinforces that opinion.


I finally watched the Puga/Eisenberg encounter, and it seems rather clear to me that he was going along with her shtick quite well until her reaction to the "Carrot Top" comment. But I thought he was simply referring to her bringing out the deck of cards (Carrot Top is a prop comic), not making some sort of qualitative judgment about her interviewing. After that, sure, he makes some snarkier remarks, but she's the one who changes the tone of the interview.

Also, it's a good thing she's an on-camera personality rather than a writer. The quote from her blog features such gems as "When the five-minute interview...were over..." and "I peaked around the curtain..."


Would love to see a Ginger Baker/Romina Puga interview. Doubt she could even get him to speak in her allotted 5 mins. Or Ginger on 'The View', or Ginger anywhere...


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