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May 10, 2013


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"But given the extent to which certain of De Niro's career decisions have been affected by changes in his personal life, and by his increased visibility as a public person, and so on, some things are discussed. "

I've long thought there was a totally unfair biopic to be made about De Niro in the 'Tribecca Era'.

Paint a portrait of a great artist greedily trading on his illustrious past to build a position in society in the colors out of an Edith Wharton novel. Unfair, again, but it could make a helluva movie...


"Karina Longworth's consideration of Al Pacino is out soon, and Longworth has started a Tumblr devoted to the book; I might do same myself, or something"

If I would like to talk to you about De Niro and/or write about the book, in English or French, can I email you and you’ll get me a copy?


"Everybody's turning into DeNiro!"


Tom Russell

BORN TO WIN is a movie I used to watch compulsively-- like, twenty or so times in the space of a year. It's one of those films that I'd love to see restored with commentary tracks and fetish-packaging ala Criterion. Great performances all around, some great tonal shifts, and great long sequences.


Wow...I recently tried to watch Born to Win because I thought Paula Prentiss played the opposite lead from George Segal, and I love those two. As soon as it started I had a bad feeling. As likeable as Segal is--as in Rollercoaster, say--he was well out of his depth here. And then the movie just slowly sank into a bad combination of TV movie and student film. I only got as far as the dismal rapport back in Black's place (and if a film has ever failed to sell an already dicey scenario, this was it) before I wondered why the hell I was torturing myself and shut it off. Wish I could say all the love here was making me doubt my rare decision to bail, but I really can't...huh.


Passer power.
What did that kid say in LAW AND DISORDER again?


"...this music makes the Young And Awful Parents Of Bourgeois Brooklyn a little uncomfortable, and they're not sure whether admitting to their discomfort will make them seem unhip, and their psychic gyrations in this respect are a wonder to behold. Unless I'm just projecting."

Wow, you've been getting off some great lines lately. Fantastic one in your Gatsby review as well.

Anyway, I too hope you're not just projecting, but I suspect that may be so. Perhaps if it were Cecil Taylor. Or modern country, definitely.


Well, you know that the next logical step will be little curated baggies of hard drugs, promoted by the latest 'just into rehab' celebrity with "Fresh from the fields of Colombia" in jolly script above a picture of a slightly shifty fellow with dark sunglasses and a Beretta on his shoulder standing between the rows of plants, giving a broad toothy smile and a double thumbs up while behind him sallow eyed workers look nervously in his direction.

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