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May 23, 2013


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I'm not heterosexual, but I still loved BEFORE MIDNIGHT.

Rob SF

the faith no more possibility occurred to me. great job.


Richard Brody doesn't like it? Maybe it's not shot on crappy video with flat, affectless amateur performances, and doesn't need a lone voice to champion it/ stake out territory on.


The 3rd Street Playhouse? You aren't perhaps thinking of the Waverly...



Man, you really describe Pain & Gain, Moonrise Kingdom and Holy Motors to a T. Great job.


@Peter--Sorry, I guess I should have explained that Brody is capable of liking other kinds of movies than what I described, and that I was just taking a jab at him for gushing over anything fitting what I described. But I didn't think I needed to, because I never dreamed that someone would take a joke so literally.

Brian Dauth

Glenn: there is no shame in joining your brethren in praising BEFORE MIDNIGHT. What is refreshing is your honesty and humility in acknowledging the place you write from as you do so (what is disturbing is that so many of your cohort never acknowledge their particular -- if over-represented - critical positionality and opine from some faux universalist stance).


Methinks Glenn meant the beloved Eighth Street Playhouse. The nearby IFC Center used to be the Waverly.



After taking in "Iron Man 3," "The Great Gatsby" and "Star Trek: Into Darkness" over the last few weeks, I needed a break from spectacle, bombast and special effects. "Before Midnight" provided it. Thank you, Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke.



I wish more theaters would play this PSA from the Alamo Drafthouse.

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