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May 03, 2013


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Tom Carson

Many thanks for the link, Glenn. Otherwise, who the hell knows what accounts for my more favorable reaction -- so far unshared by the crits I think well of, with D. Edelstein only a partial exception ? I crawled into the screening with pretty low expectations, so maybe I was just unusually smitten by anything that seemed to be deviating from formula and in a mood to read too much into it so far as Black et. al.'s intentions were concerned. I do think the movie was at least trying for something more interesting than the same old-same old, though.


Oh, your therapist isn't au courant with the Jean Rollin? You'll get little sympathy from me on that score - I brought up THE LAST DETAIL and BLADE RUNNER at different points during my last session, and my therapist hadn't seen either one.


If you folks are seeing non-cinephile therapists, you're doing it wrong...


The most interesting thing (thus far) to come out of 'Iron Man 3':



Isn't Peter Bogdanovich still doing his therapist sideline business, or was that only happening while The Sopranos was running?

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