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April 24, 2013


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Even the awesome James Rosenquist name-check in the review - with relevant photo appended above - probably won't be enough to get me to see this. But you've definitely piqued my interest.

Joel Gordon

In my mind, this is the greatest movie ever made. No need to spoil that image by actually seeing it.

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Great piece! You're really on a roll. In the past I was underwhelmed by the constant references to Godard, but that tic seems to have faded. Now I can see that you do some really good stuff. You made me want to see this movie, big time, and I rarely think that after reading reviews. Even though Bay's other movies are mostly painful, it sort of seemed that he might have something in him. And, with a good screenplay like this, it seems he has way more than I expected.

Phil Freeman

I'm really excited to see this movie. Here's a strange thought I just had while reading your review - just going by the trailer(s), and the color palette etc. displayed therein, this seems like Michael Bay's attempt at a Tony Scott movie to me. Like, his version of Domino. Any thoughts on that?

Jeff McMahon

I thought every Michael Bay movie was Michael Bay's attempt at a Tony Scott movie.


"In the past I was underwhelmed by the constant references to Godard, but that tic seems to have faded."

Speaking of Godard, two days ago I finally saw "Vivre Sa Vie" for the first time (on the Criterion disc). It was extraordinary, and by far the best Godard film I've ever seen. Funny that a movie from 1962 had more impact on me than anything I saw in 2012.

well, I guess we'd better get back to talking about Michael Bay.

Don R. Lewis

I just came in from seeing this and loved it. It's just so audacious, dumb, offensive and funny as well as being such a mean spirited, crazed look at America. Also, I don't know if it's been pointed out already but this isn't Bay doing Tony Scott, it's Bay doing the Coen Brothers; particularly FARGO or even RAISING ARIZONA.

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