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April 24, 2013


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I picked up a copy of this recently, and am eager to get started on it! Is it good? I've heard a few mixed things, but I'm a big admirer of William Gass.

Remarkably, it's an exciting time for elderly American authors, in spite of Philip Roth's retirement. I just read James Salter's new novel, ALL THAT IS (his first in thirty-four years), and thought it was great. I also liked Toni Morrison's latest. Herman Wouk published a book last year at age 97! The great Norman Rush will be 80 when his next novel comes out this fall. It almost makes 75 year-old Thomas Pynchon (who also has a new one coming out), seem positively youthful in comparison. E.L. Doctorow and Don DeLillo are still doing good work too.

William Goss

That man's got himself a strong name, I'll give him that.

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