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April 03, 2013


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2001 would have likely have run longer at the Capitol than 24 weeks, but the theatre was scheduled to be demolished that fall. After the Capitol's closing, the picture moved to Manhattan's only other Cinerama screen, the Warner, where it ran in roadshow for another 13 weeks. Kubrick's masterpiece might well have continued indefinitely at the Warner if MGM hadn't had another completed Cinerama picture, ICE STATION ZEBRA, awaiting release...


I can only imagine what it must have been like to see this film at that time on a big screen. It's impressive enough on a LCD TV.


Clearly one of the late Roger Ebert's better moments, in contrast to many other critics of the day.

Gorilla Bob

As a young science fiction film, I was obsessed with this film & collected any article about the production. I turned 13 in 68, & my bday gift was having my dad take mev& 2 friends to see 2001 at the Capitol. This was my bar mitzvah.

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