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April 15, 2013


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The Siren

Delicious reading as always! Must see "Ruthless." I remember "Nicholas and Alexandra" with great affection although even in my history-addled adolescence I thought it was, um, overemphatic I guess would be the word. And I also thought that the chilly Janet Suzman didn't have what it took to make you ache for the blinkered, stubborn, reactionary Alexandra, and you *should* ache for her, as a mother if nothing else. One scene I do think played exceptionally well is the execution, heartrending in the very fact that's it over in the merest instant.

Tony Dayoub

You are right about the execution, Siren. I wonder though if it doesn't play better simply because it arrives after what is quite a slog of a film. What do you guys think about Tom Baker as Rasputin. I think he's mesmerizing, no pun intended.

Glenn, I've been collecting these Twilight Time DVDs since the label's inception. I wonder what your overall opinion of the label is.


Drool. I'd say more, but I've got to go knock off a bank.


If Hannah & her Sisters is the one where Woody Allen is a hypochondriac with an amusing skit on what he fears is wrong medically with him, that is very funny for those who (in 1988 (?)) were reasonably well and even now when they may have succumbed to either the same kind of mania or serious illness.


Laura's probably my least favorite Preminger noir (I suspect I'd like it better than THE 13TH LETTER at least, but I've never seen that), so I'd take a sales pitch. Where's THE SUN SHINES BRIGHT?

Glenn Kenny

Tony: I haven't gotten a Twilight Time disc yet that wasn't first-rate in its way. Like many collectors and industry observers, I'm not crazy about their limited edition policy, but I can't say that I was completely heartbroken at having been shut out from "Christine." Their "Major Dundee" is on its way, looking forward to it; and "The Fury," which I'll treat in more detail in the next guide, is a honey.

Asher: I understand the aspects of "Laura" that make it less than a Preminger apotheosis...but its overall elegance of design is its own argument, and the personalities of the performers get a lot done. I think "The Thirteenth Letter" is better than okay, particularly on account of Linda Darnell. As for "The Sun Shines Bright," I have something longer in mind. Not that I'm promising anything, but...


Glad to see Preminger getting his due, after decades of critical scorn. "Bunny Lake is Missing" is an underrated gem of the '60s.

Re "The Opening of Misty Beethoven": I'm holding out for the Blu-ray of "Sometime Sweet Susan."

Chris L.

Re a possible future guide entry: Gotta love those wacky Criterion kids and what they chose for Spine Number 666. Planning ahead pays off, I guess.

Greg Moon

Apologies if its been covered before (or for being a little off-topic), but I remain curious as to why you'd use the Playstation 3 for domestic disks instead of the Oppo - does Playstation actually offer a more accurate output?

Dan M.

I believe In Time was Roger Deakins' inaugural foray into digital lensing (and the only redeeming factor of that film), actually, but your comments on his playfulness with Skyfall are spot on.


Just looked at the price for EXPERIMENT IN TERROR on amazon.com -- $58.97 from them, or $30.99 from a third party. I guess that's the drawback with these limited edition releases (I believe they pressed only 3,000 units).

Josh Z

@jbryant, Twilight Time discs are distributed exclusively by screenarchives.com. Anything you see on Amazon is from a third-party seller, even if Amazon fulfills the item for them.

Screen Archives still has Experiment in Terror in stock for $29.99 (the original asking price). Only a very small number of Twilight Time discs (something like 3 or 4) have sold out their 3,000-copy runs.


Good info to know, Josh--thanks!

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