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March 15, 2013


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Spring Breakers? What I really want to read about is Upstream Color.

Tom Carson

Since Spring Breakers and Upstream Color are my two favorite movies of 2013 (so far), I must admit I'm pining for your opinions of both.


Why no picture of LITTLE ELLE???? Or at least Alice Englert?

I know this ain't the right time, place or crowd, but my GOD... When you guys see Elle Fanning, in any form, doesn't your heart just ABSOLUTELY STOP and you're instantly transported back to another time in your life when you had hopes and dreams and thought there'd be something, anything out there, and there was this ONE GIRL who was just a blinding RAY OF SUNSHINE?

When I see Elle Fanning in a movie, in an interview, I just MELT because she's so innocent and so endearing and absolutely what every teenage boy ever dreamed of dating.... she's like the teen girl in WILD LIFE that the WEIRD SCIENCE kid is obsessed with. Just absolute perfection. She's gonna be the biggest star around for the next 3, 4 decades.

I know this is a site for cerebral cineastes and those kind of things don't enter the equation for the humanly detached types who read cinema like it's an icy Lit class and the actors and actresses barely exist, just the themes...

But she breaks down all human resistance.


Does anyone know if the Fanning parents are planning on siring a third thespian daughter so Lex will have a replacement to fixate on when the bloom goes off poor little Elle?

Not David Bordwell

I have different obsessions than Lex, but along the same lines...

How on earth could the NYT review of G&R fail to mention that Christina Hendricks plays Ginger's mom in this movie?!?

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