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March 06, 2013


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I'm pretty much with you on this one entirely, though I found more of Franco's performance enjoyable, if still a tad too loose at times. Raimi really conjured a couple big wow moments for me though that lingered, which isn't common in these effects spectacles. The torando scene, the Wicked one's arrival through the portal and Oz's final plan all standout.

Josh Z

So, his name is Oz, and the land is also called Oz? Does anyone at least comment on that?

And how do they ret-con the fact that this is a prequel to a story that was all a young girl's dream, which takes place before that girl was even born? Is this one Auntie M's dream?

Tom Russell

Josh: I've always been of the mind that any time an entire film is supposed to have been a dream-- be it WIZARD OF OZ, DR. T AND THE WOMEN, what-have-you-- that it all really happened. More magic that way.

Tom Russell

... And that should be THE 5000 FINGERS OF DR. T, obviously. Oy.

Joel Gordon

I don't know, Tom. Doesn't a tornado carry Richard Gere away at the end of Dr. T, and then he delivers a baby in the middle of the desert of something? I may be remembering it wrong.


What the hell kind of man has ever seen THE WIZARD OF OZ in the last 30 years? CHRIST.

Saw that shit once in 1980 or 1981 on TV, my mom putting it on telling me it was a classic, me all thinking it was kind of old and shit.... Then my dad came home drunk as fuck and put on his best imitation of Frederic Forrest in FALLING DOWN impression, all wound up "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?" And Ma hurriedly turning it up but not in time, cuz you best motherfucking believe a shoe was flying across the room and the next day I went WAY the fuck out of my way to break out my pack of FLEER CARDS so the old man knew I still liked pussy.

Also does Kunis show her feet?

Jeff McMahon

^^^ Just gross and not funny.

David Ehrenstein

"What the hell kind of man has ever seen THE WIZARD OF OZ in the last 30 years?"

MY but you'e proud not to be gay, Lex.

A tragedy in my book.

Grant L

Have not looked into it (barely knew it existed until now, which only shows that my taste for pre-publicity has died way down) but are Raimi & Co. saying it's a prequel to the movie, or to the books? Because in the books Oz isn't Dorothy's dream, it's an actual place.

Adore the Wizard of Oz. And I use the word 'adore' deliberately. One of the wonderful things about not being a Real Man and having no interest in being one is being one's whole self, not just a tiny slice with a checklist of attributes that you're not allowed to stray from.

Grant L

I think it's great - so many artificial walls falling. Here's a pretty smart girl singing a song about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kg4YdXUaCg0

David Ehrenstein

Here are two of my favorite REAL MEN


Not David Bordwell

Gotta add, for fans of her work it ain't too hard to discern whose body is underneath that green in the banner ads splashed all over the MSN site, and I don't think her initials start with M.


Paul Duane

Totally with you on this one, Glenn. I brought my five-year-old, and she enjoyed it pretty much as well as I did (though she did loudly say, about six minutes into the b/w prologue, "Daddy? When does it start?"). The mismatch between the A story (Will Oscar grow up and start to respect women, and himself?) and the B story (something about a prophecy, yada yada) is pretty wide, but the narrative ticks along nicely enough with visual setpieces aplenty to enjoy while waiting for the big Inglourious Wizards finish. If this doesn't make Mila Kunis a big star, nothing will. She's flat-out great, as great as Franco is... absent. Raimi needs to cultivate himself another, younger Bruce Campbell (whose small scene here is a tiny, very Raimi, delight).



- nice review, though, will check out that Schrader book.


Mila Kunis has been a "big star" for about 12 years.



She is awesome (and so is she).


I meant THIS is awesome (and so is she).

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