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March 09, 2013


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Tony Dayoub

What a poignant tribute, Glenn. I really didn't know this man, but if he was involved in any way with TWO LOVERS, that's a significant achievement right there.

Not David Bordwell

Wow, this Mel Neuhaus sure can tell a story! Great stuff, so sorry for the loss. If only we could all go out feeling like that, though.

And man, what if Nathanial Hornblower had gotten hold of that SCARED STUPID script? It would have been like a feature-length BODY MOVIN'.

Tom Block

Great, great interview.


I want to second (or third?) Tony Dayoub and Tom Block's comments. That I had never heard of either Mr. Menello or Mr. Neuhaus before reading this interview in no way impeded my enjoyment of it.

Lindsey Anderson

What an amazing story. I met Ric at NYU and I can see all of this in my head and hear his voice. Ric looks so cool in the header photo. Great tribute. It's too bad he couldn't enjoy more of his long-earned recognition.

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