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March 15, 2013


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David Ehrenstein

HA! Fabulous story!

And the truth of the matter is just like he thought everyone knew and/or cared who he was at that Carly Simon event back in the day, his memoir is based in his belief we'd all want to be Mr/Mrs Clive today.

Carly put it best in a song we all know entitled "You're So Vain."


It is indeed a fabulous story.


Who is Clive Davis?


You are being a dick to Clive Davis, James. He's an Arista Cat.


rob humanick

This made me feel better about a lot of incidents in my own life.


I love that after Davis signed the Grateful Dead to Arista, in live versions of "Jack Straw" from that era, Bob Weir was known to occasionally change the line that's written "we used to play for silver, now we play for life," to "we used to play for acid, now we play for Clive." I've heard at least one clear recording of this. Cracked me up.


And I haven't thought about Fez-under-Time in years. Wow.

Chris O.

Eh, when you try to jettison the album title "Nashville Skyline," maybe a little provoking is in order.

(May be playing "Lester Leaps In" during a gig this weekend, speaking of the good Mr. Young.)


Hello, Glenn, this is Young Rosemary and you know we definitely would have been cruising with Clive that night if not for you!! Have to report I am absolutely no longer Young because although I do remember the many midnight trips to the Parisian Virgin Megastore and being happy that you found Le Quintessence, I have absolutely no recollection whatsoever about the Clive Davis incident. Oh, another thing I remember, hearing you loudly curse out a Metro ticket clerk because your token didn't work and we were going to be late for our fancy beef bourguignon. He just looked at you with one of those blank faces the French give to overwrought Americans and made you pay again anyway. Or did you wear him down with your stomping and yelling? I forget. What a voyage we had...

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