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February 14, 2013


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James Keepnews

Oh, now, COLOR OF NIGHT. Come on, no love for Richard Rush or the brutally hot Jane March? Not necessarily her, um, spoiler alert, doppelgangsterisms in the film, but she is one of those thousands of actresses who could'a been great in so many things and unfortunately we've only our fevered imagination to prove it. Or I, first-person singular, do. But slick as it is, the director's cut of CON does have for me some of the batty, shambolic charm of THE STUNT MAN, while obv. not being nearly as good a film. Just don't know why you'd single this out over, say, THE LAST BOY SCOUT.

Jeff McMahon

I saw and mostly enjoyed Jack Reacher, but I don't get the Ryan Phillippe reference.


A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD is directed by one of Armond White's can-do-no-wrong faves, John Moore (director of such undying masterworks as MAX PAYNE and the OMEN remake), so I hope someone with a stronger stomach than mine will fetch some choice quotes from White's inevitable rave of AGDTDH.


So sad that the first time I've felt smarter than you is because I didn't have to google the word 'plebiscite'... (he runs back to his third world country.)


"It's not Willis' fault. At least not entirely."

Not to get all Jeff Wells here, but yeah, it kind of is. Maybe he's not the star that he used to be, but Willis is still enough of a name that he could have (a) told all of those concerned to take a hike when yet another sequel was proposed (bear in mind I am one of those who still doesn't like sequels in general, but I also think the only one in the series worth a damn besides the first movie was the third one), or (b) he could have decided to make sure the movie, at the very least, was entertaining and not insulting to the audience. And if Willis is doing it for a paycheck or because he likes action movies, hell, he probably has another franchise going well with the RED sequel coming out, as the first one was surprisingly entertaining.


I've never felt silence quite so keenly as in a full theater after the trailer for the new Die Hard.

Michael Adams

After Moonrise Kingdom and Looper, Bruce is entitled to some trash time.


LIKE SOMEONE IN LOVE sounds very promising. Maybe Ran Takanashi will be as good as Rachel Weisz in THE DEEP BLUE SEA, and like her be completely forgotten by December, when everyone will be talking about the new movie by the loser of the current Lawrence/Chastain fight.

Dan Coyle

The thing I remember most about Color of Night was the reveal that Lance Henriksen and Ruben Blades' characters knew each other and they seemed to be in a much better, more interesting movie than Willis was.


It's a damn shame that Like Someone in Love isn't getting more attention.

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