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February 25, 2013


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Peter Labuza

Lovely photos. Hope you and Claire are having a great time!


Wow. I want to go to Lebowski's. Reminds me of a bar I visited in Belgrade called Glimmer Twins, which only played music by the Stones (but had every album, single & bootleg they'd ever recorded). Have a great trip.

Claire K.

Additional note: in the photo titled "Skolavrodustigir, Reykjavik, morning," that lovely stone building is the town jail. Apparently it has a charming walled garden inside.

That Fuzzy Bastard

I would watch the crap outta that untitled science fiction film.




I have an American friend who has an Icelandic friend who's the older brother of Thora Arnorsdottir, one of the unsuccessful presidential candidates in Iceland's election last year. Small world eh? :-)

Jeff McMahon

I'm curious, at this time of year, how many hours of daylight do you get?

Chris Labarthe

Lebowski Bar not the only Coens architectural reference in Iceland, apparently. The Church of Akureyri is clearly based on a miniature from the Hudsucker Proxy cityscape.


Reykjavik looks lovely. Something tells me breakfast there must be a real treat. And no matter what reasons you had for choosing Iceland as a vacation spot, it's an additional positive that your tourist money is being spent in a country that rebounded from their economic collapse by allowing the banks to fail, jailing the corrupt financiers, and bailing out individual mortgage holders. From the perspective of the American political/economic orthodoxy, that's even more alien than the eerie landscapes.


Still one of our absolute favourite trips. I think we averaged at least one "hot pot" a day, at least one of which involved locking eyes with the nearby dairy cows.

The story of the Coventry cathedral glass that ended up in Akureyri's church -- and for that matter in a Reykjavik church, too -- is one of those fascinating narratives of WWII.


More photos please Glenn.

Steven Hart

So what's the SF film? "Argo 2: Someone Was Left Behind"?

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