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February 01, 2013


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Tony Dayoub

I feel pretty much the way you do about BULLET IN THE HEAD: above average genre film that showcases its star perfectly. What I haven't seen anyone talk about is his co-star, Sung Kang. It's the first time I see him in something since I've deliberately avoided the FAST AND FURIOUS series. Is it me, or is Kang the dullest sock puppet to head up an action film in some time?

James Keepnews

Wonder how John Woo feels about the title of his best film being taken for a Walter Hill payday -- are we sure Paul Haggis had nothing to do with this? Most importantly, how long until we see a new film also written by the great master?



Woo: Bullet IN the Head
Hill: Bullet TO the Head

So there's a prepositional difference!

James Keepnews

In, to, ex, propter hoc, freaking somebody produce a flick Walter Hill directs from his own screenplay!

(Additionally -- oops.)

David Ehrenstein

Nice to see Walter Hill working again.

Saw "About A Boy" again on cale the other day. Amaing to see how skilled Nicholas Hoult was when he was knee-high to a doormat. Everyone thinks "Warm Bodies" is going to make him a star, but he's always been a star to me -- especially as the seductive Kenny in Tom Ford's adaptaton of Isherwood's "a Single Man."
As for Richard Stark (aka. Donald Westlake) my favorite "Parker" is still Anna Karina in "Made in USA" with Lee Marvin in "Point Blank" a very close second.

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Want to know how John woo feeling about the title of his best film be mistaken for walter hill payday - we of course Paul haggis had nothing to do with this? The most important thing is, how long to see a new film also write the master?

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