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February 21, 2013


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Oh, this is a rough week.


There's word going around that German's last film is basically complete except for final sound mixing, which I assume means it could easily be finished. Let's hope so

That Fuzzy Bastard

Argh! This really is a terrible loss.


Yes, a tragic loss - it was German's son (Aleksei Jr) who made the statement that the film was basically complete except for final sound mixing - so I think that statement can be seen as definitive. The word around previously was that the film was going to be released on April 1st - not sure now if this date will be moved back a little further. There are a few clips on the internet of the film. I wrote a piece for my blog yesterday - to be followed by a piece on the reaction in Russian film circles. Many are saying that his death marks the death of a generation in Russia and the last of the cinematic Titans. http://giuvivrussianfilm.blogspot.ru/2013/02/aleksei-german-1938-2013.html


I've finally gotten round to watching Khrustalyov, My Car! It's seeped into my brain and it's not going to leave. I think I might watch it every evening this week if I get the chance. Thanks for pointing me towards this masterpiece.


A clip from the new film: http://youtu.be/1KtqwQLGkao

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