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January 17, 2013


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I hate to nitpick but, near the end of your LAST STAND review, did you mean Cedric The Entertainer, rather than Cecil? I only bring it up because I once embarrassed myself with a reference to "Cedric The Performer."

Robert Sweeney

Glad to hear Broken City is watchable, since Allen Hughes is going to remake Kim Jee-woon's pretty great A BITTERSWEET LIFE:



It's funny how "It's not a tumor" has replaced "I'll be back" as the Ahnuld line of choice.

I wish I could measure up more enthusiasm for BROKEN CITY, especially since both Kyle Chandler and Alona Tal (the wisecracking yet adoring assistant) are in it, but the trailer makes it look so generic, and I haven't liked anything Hughes (or his brother) has been involved with since MENACE II SOCIETY.


If I didn't misread you, you seem to suggest that Albert Hughes directed BOOK OF ELI solo, but both brothers are credited.

But "Teutonic Kaw-Liga" more than makes up for any niggling errors. :)

Joe Bob

I think 'A Bittersweet Life' is easily Kim's best movie, an elegant and surprisingly affecting gangster movie with a fantastic lead performance. However, the general storyline is pretty standard crime stuff so I don't really get why it's being remade. Spike Lee's 'Oldboy,' on the other hand, should be interesting.


Please speak proper English for this review and not shortcuts for a review.


Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this is the follow-up from the director of I SAW THE DEVIL, which was shocking and ugly and probably 20 min too long, but also a film that I really liked. Now he's made a movie starring Arnold. Unbelievably weird...


BB - I don't know if John Woo, Ringo Lam or Tsui Hark, among others, are to your taste, but remember, their first American films were all with Jean Claude Van Damme. It happens.


Oh yes, and all three are very much to my tastes! Still - WEIRD.


Not sure where else to post this, but love the new look, Glenn.

Especially the "Love On The Ground" banner at the top.

Dan Coyle

I was looking forward to Broken City, but the trailer gives away way, way too much.

John Merrill

Great new look and thanks for the line spacing. Much easier to read.

That Fuzzy Bastard

My favorite thing about the new layout is the text doesn't turn to unreadable white-on-white when the window is too narrow!

Peter Nellhaus

I guess I'll wait for the DVD of "The Last Stand". I have seen all of Kim's films from "A Tale of Two Sisters", and see no reason to stop. 2013 is interesting enough just for having three English language movies by three Korean filmmakers.

Grant L

Rather than do the asshole thing and groan about your style change, I'm going to let it grow on me, if it will. Loved the Darkened Movie Auditorium feel of the old style, though - and such a rest for the eyes compared to nearly every other website.


Changes of content, not just style, would be appreciated. Can we acknowledge more often that there are DVD-only releases of some decent films out there?

That Fuzzy Bastard

Hm---now that I've looked at the site on my iPhone:
GOOD: It's so readable! It displays so cleanly!
BAD: I can't see the "Recent comments" sidebar on my phone at all.

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