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December 17, 2012


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1. Holy motors (Carax)
2. Moonrise kingdom (Anderson, W.)
3. Faust (Sokurov)

The only other two films of 2012 (or that opened in Spanish cinemas/teh innernets during the course of 2012) that I've seen were McQueen's 'Shame' and Miike's 'Ace attorney'. I liked 'Ace attorney' better.

Peter Labuza

So glad to see you recognize RED HOOK SUMMER. A messy film for sure but brimming with emotion at every level, and really built in a structure that threw some people and fascinated me. And given how the area was affected during Sandy, I think it really takes on some new meaning about this neighborhood as both a place of pain and paradise. Hope more people check it out.

Tony Dayoub

What Labuza said, and kudos for sticking with PROMETHEUS. As for TDKR, a second viewing made it feel even more ... than before.

David Ehrenstein

22.Brooklyn Castle
23.Ginger and Rosa
25.Damsels in Distress


Glad to see you stuck with Prometheus too. Of this year's big tentpole flicks, this was my favorite after Skyfall. TDKR was a big disappointment for me though.

But I really haven't seen enough movies in 2012, so I'm looking forward to the rest of your list, and from others, to see what I can try to catch during the holiday break.

Kevyn Knox

It has already been said, but here it is again. Glad to see the Prometheus love...or at least the Prometheus like.

Also nice to see Damsels in there. It has not gotten very much mention in these year end list-making days.

As for me (note: I have not seen either Zero Dark Thirty or The Loneliest Planet):

25. Deep Blue Sea
24. Savages
23. Miss Bala
22. Argo
21. 21 Jump Street (yeah, you read that correctly)

That Fuzzy Bastard

Thirding Labuzza---I'm glad to see your affection for Spike Lee's messy, imperfect, striking movie is undimmed.

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