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December 24, 2012


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A great thing about TV: it allowed guys like Klugman, whose chances of landing leading roles in film was slim to none, to become big stars. Loved him as Oscar; loved him as Quincy (a show that is dated, I guess, but still fun).


"A great thing about TV: it allowed guys like Klugman, whose chances of landing leading roles in film was slim to none..."

And RIP Charles Durning, who didn't hook up with TV in Klugman's manner, but who hooked up with the Coens for a couple of really sweet character roles.

(While I'm on the topic, kudos to Peter Greenaway for giving the similar, but undead, Brian Dennehy a plum of a leading role in the greatly under-appreciated Belly of an Architect, happily now out in a region 2 Blu-Ray. Probably the best Greenaway, and a lesson that if you just give them character actors a chance, you can get some superb results...)

Louis Bricano

"Quincy" was simply a terrible show - utterly trite and formulaic. I always felt the same way about Klugman playing Quincy as I did about Shatner playing Captain Kirk: both characters were so volcanically emotional as to be completely unfit for the roles. I think I'd probably die of embarrassment if I were to watch a rerun of Quincy today.


I'll take 'Manhunter' over 'CSI' anytime, but I digress.

R.I.P. Qunicy, MD and Lebowski, TB.


The terrific composer Richard Rodney Bennett (Far from the Madding Crowd, Murder on the Orient Express) died last night as well.

And wasn't David Huddleston the Big Lebowski?


Whoops darn, why did I think Durning? Perhaps a memory glitch arising from his role for the Coens in their unfairly-maligned 'Hudsucker Proxy'.


Well, Dennehy is a big star on Broadway, where he frequently gets leading roles. In a bizarre coincidence, I saw him a couple of years ago in the Wm. J. Bryan role in a revival of INHERIT THE WIND, while several years earlier, I saw a different revival in which Bryan was played by...Charles Durning!


I saw a preview performance of the Charles Durning/George C. Scott INHERIT THE WIND on Broadway. Over the course of the performance, both actors had major problems in remembering their lines, which definitely put a damper on the joy of seeing those two wonderful actors on the stage (at least, I'd earlier seen Scott in WRONG TURN AT LUNGFISH - hardly a play worthy of him, but still it was a thrill to see such a deserved legend in a live performance). If memory serves, Scott ended up leaving the INHERIT production, and Tony Randall (whose theater company was putting it on) took over the role.

As an additional footnote, I think I read years later that Paul Dano was in the production as well, back in his child actor days.

I'd forgotten completely I'd seen During in this play; thank you so much for the reminder.

Pat Hobby

Klugman could come off as overly earnest by half in his dramatic roles but his work on "The Odd Couple" - a perfect sitcom - was fantastic.

R.I.P Oscar Madisoy.

Matthew Blankman (@blankemon)

Quincy had three modes of expression: anger, bitterness and extreme rage. It made for great late night viewing in college. "It was murrrderrrr!" "Those kids died because of your dangerous drugs!"

That said, I've always liked Klugman, especially as Oscar Madison. Man I love that show.

Of course, Glenn, don't forget this:

And nicely done, Pat Hobby.

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