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December 28, 2012


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A lovely eulogy, Glenn, and a beautiful riposte to the weird anti-Ford dialogue that Tarantino has started.

John Merrill


Matt S.

A wonderful post. Thank you for sharing it.


Wouldn't it be easier at this point to list the canon directors Tarantino *hasn't* bad-mouthed?

craig keller.

That frame above, if I'm remembering correctly, marks the occurrence of one of my favorite pieces of Ford dialogue:

"Why, he hops to it like a drunkard at a Fourth o' Ju-Ly barbecue!"

Glenn Kenny

Craig: Bingo.

John Merrill

Remembering running home from 5th grade to watch Spin and Marty. Hadn't discovered Mr. Ford yet. Well, you're young and then you're old and these guys are always with us.


I just saw "Cheyenne Autumn" with my parents at Lincoln Center this evening, wherein Carey makes an uncredited cameo as a soldier whose name Richard Widmark is continually getting wrong. In light of this news, that characterization seems particularly poignant.

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