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December 10, 2012


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Jason Michelitch

"what was once called "fan-boy culture" and is now, one gathers, called "nerd culture" (apparently more acceptable to fan boys or nerds, although why that might be the case is beyond me)"

I can't speak to this as the overriding reason, but certainly a tangential one: nerd is more gender-inclusive, which is actually a big issue being hashed out in nerd circles right now, with a lot of fan-boys worried about losing their boys' club in the onslaught of nerdy girls. (Or "fake nerd girls," as I think the latest misogynistic meme puts it...)

Randall Guffey

"...and I look forward to the technology's evolution/refinement. Which I guess also means I look forward to the next two installments of the trilogy,.."

You seem to say we should expect evolution/refinement in episodes 2 and 3, but wasn't the trilogy shot together as in "Rings"?

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