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October 04, 2012


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David Ehrenstein

In the final analysis this is a movie about Lee Daniels wanting to film Zac Ephron in his underpants.

Had he honestly set out to make a softcore gay porn movie I could have some degree of respect for him (at an Andy Milligan level). But what we have here is pure sensationalism of the sort that makes "Cannibal Holocaust" look like a work of moral integrity.

Why does Zac Ephron suddenly rush into the ocean?

So he can get stung by jellyfish.

And what are those jellyfish doing there all of a sudden?

Stinging him so Nicole Kidman can pee on him.

This film has nothing seriously to do with racism or anything else.
A close friend of mine is quasi-friend of Lee Daniels. His reaction to the film? "Well it's just Lee being Lee."


When did Nicole Kidman turn into Pamela Anderson?

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