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October 01, 2012


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David Ehrenstein

Very much looking forward to this. Because of the reading-of-the-will plot some thought this was going to be Resnais' swan song. But he's already embarked on a new project.

How's the score for this one? I hear it's quite extensive Lambert Wilson tells me that Resnais is "OBSESSED with Mark Snow!" who he has used to compose for him several times before (most strikingly for "Wild Grass")

A VERY long time ago "Mark Snow" was Marty Fulterman -- a classmate of mine at Communist Martyrs High.


Lovely piece Glenn.
Who would have guessed four decades ago that Resnais would be the one still making remarkable films in 2012?

Also, that must have been a kick to have a quote on the American film poster for WILD GRASS. (and I don't mean that in a William Wolf/Judith Crist snarkey kind of way).

Rand Careaga

When (if ever) do you suppose that "Providence" will see a DVD release?

David Ehrenstein

Good question.

Victor Morton

You can get PROVIDENCE on DVD-R (dunno how good it is, but I do have it).

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