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October 30, 2012


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James Keepnews

The Hudson Valley tends to get slammed more by such big storms but we got through it relatively unscathed, as compared to the five boroughs. Glad you and the missus are safe and sound -- please to stay that way in the aftermath, you and everyone else damaged by the wrath of Sandy.

David Ehrenstein



Bay Ridge seems to have emerged somewhat unscathed (though I'm only going by what I can see outside my bedroom window; waiting to hear from family members and friends before I venture outside). We still have power, thank goodness. Glad to hear you and YLW are okay, Glenn.


Glad you and Claire are ok, Glenn. And if there are other east coasters (hi, Siren!) checking in, I hope all is ok with you, too!


Unfortunately this hurricane didn't kill "alleged" New Yorker Duluoz Gray, aka the worst human being on earth, so EPIC FAIL.

That Fuzzy Bastard

Park Slope was almost eerily untouched, giving Slopers one more thing to be smug about.

Aden F. Jordan

I live in the East Village, and was fortunate that the weather only seemed dangerous to go out into on Monday. From Monday night until tonight (Friday) I did not have electricity which was really just a minor inconvenience in comparison to what many other people have gone through and continue to go through.

The lack of electricity gave me the free time to read "Cinema Of Outsiders", Emanuel Levy's very in-depth criticism book on '90s indie film, and "The Village Voice Film Guide", an edited assortment of Voice film reviews with some particularly intelligent ones by J. Hoberman and Andrew Sarris. I'd recommend both books to any serious film crit lit readers.

Hope all of you impacted by Sandy are doing okay.


"I live in the East Village, and was fortunate that the weather only seemed dangerous to go out into on Monday."

I was in the frozen Manhattan zone too, but I had an elevator building to deal with. Jeebus. When the hell did greater lower Manhattan become designated as outside the pale? Build the damn flood gate across the Verrazano Narrows. I'd walk through a wall for Chuck Schumer.

In our case, it was kinda fun, of course. A genuinely MAGICAL rough camping vacation. And actually got to really help some truly elderly along the way.

But I do often think of The Others. I've got some non-friends, but still folks I care about, who are Staten Islanders, and my heart really goes out to them. Not to mention the friendless, disabled, and Zone A folks here on the One True Island.

Happy the marathon got cancelled. Looking forward to a non-Berlusconi Mayor one of these days.


"The lack of electricity gave me the free time to read "Cinema Of Outsiders"

After some thought, I skipped the cinema, and just re-read a couple of Murakami, which seemed to work out quite nicely. A fine time for magical realism.


And Big Props to Glenn on the The Exterminating Angel shout-out.

It may not be original to him, but having been out of it, it's news to me, and the exact correct note.


One of the Murakami I re-read was After Dark. When I originally read it, I went through it pretty quick, and thought, "meh".

But re-reading it during the post-hurricane weirdness made it absolutely superb. I got a lot more out of the book, and it fit perfectly with the 'after dark' of the frozen zone. Not to mention that it has quite a bit of a The Exterminating Angel aspect to one of the two parallel plots...


So glad you and C are good, nice thoughts for donations for the people who have lost so much.

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