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October 29, 2012


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David Ehrenstein



I gotta figure SUMMER WITH MONICA partially informed W'Anderson's little love cove.

Tom Carson

Took me a couple of minutes to get the relevance, but fingers crossed for you and YLW until Sandy's over.


That sequence at the cove is the most romantic scene in any movie I've ever watched.

Godspeed and best wishes with this hurricane, Glenn.

Don R. Lewis

That scene at the cove that starts with dancing is AMAZING. It's also the reason I can't show it to a group of teens and high schoolers at my new job because he *gasp* touches her boobs. It's not that I'm some prude or anything, I just frankly don't feel like dealing with a bunch of dweeby 12 year olds having giggling, conniption fits or, girls feeling awkward. Fucking kids.

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