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October 01, 2012


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Joel Gordon

...he came to fight the Turkish.

Wow. I haven't heard a HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS reference (if that's what this is) since my father died in 1997. It's a movie that changed the way I heard both the LAWRENCE score and the song "Volare."

Joel Bocko

Maybe my favorite movie. I've seen it thrice on the big screen but oddly enough I equally treasure the home viewings in which I first fell in love with the film. Although how, as a kid, I watched it stretched out to fill a square frame without suspecting something was up is beyond my understanding now.

Tony Dayoub

Seeing the restoration in 70mm (back in '89, '90?) was one of the best theatrical experiences I've ever had. How many times does one get the chance to enjoy an intermission, entr'acte, etc., anymore?

David Ehrenstein

Without question the queerest film (in every sense of the term) to ever win the Oscar. Innovatve,thrilling and original in almost every scene ti akes one weep for the crap we're being spoon fed these days. O'Tolle s three times taller than the real Lawrece but he makes us connect with the man while maintaining his enigmatic persona in every way. Kids, don't try this at home.

THIS is 70mm -- not The Masturbator"!



Glenn, I cannot thank you enough for bringing this to my attention. LAWRENCE OF ARABIA is a film I have deliberately resisted seeing because I only want to see it in a theater (same with THE SHINING, which screens here in Chicago this weekend, glory be). I shall resist no longer.


WOW!!!! I'm so glad I read this blog!! I totally missed this!! THANK YOU, from the bottom, top and middle of my heart.
"You tread heavily; but, you speak the truth."

Chris H

Well, it's not as exciting as a Fathom Events showing of Glenn Beck's life altering moment, but I may try and attend anyway.


I shall be seeing this Thursday evening.


It's worth noting that my local theater (Cinemark Century Theater, Evanston, IL) lists two screenings: 2pm and 7pm.


Thanks for this, Glenn-- we went online and got our tickets right after reading your post. I've seen LAWRENCE before, but never on the big screen. Can't wait.

Joel Bocko

A word of advice regarding the overture: anyone attending this should make sure they arrive early. I saw Lawrence on the big screen a few years ago and the Jarre score over a black screen was accompanied by many "oomphs" and "excuse me"s in surround sound; I received several bumps on the knee (and likely other viewers received several bumps from my knee). When the screen lit up and the show started, there was tremendous applause, and it wasn't just for the stirring music...

A. Campbell

Are all showings in 4K?? I've only ever seen it twice, both times in 70mm. I'd be tempted to catch it this way but, alas, I have to be on the road.


Thanks again for the public service: I had also resisted seeing this until a big-screen opportunity arose and it was just terrific, with the overture, intermission and all. Worth the wait, to be sure!

Wil McMillen

Too bad it's only 4K, or, in other words, a 35mm showing. Not that I'm nitpicky or anything.


Waited my entire life (thirty-eight years, to be precise) to see this film, as I knew that I needed to SEE IT BIG! or not at all. Anyhow, I was caught the NYFF screening a couple weeks back and I not disappointed. In fact, I was completely and utterly floored. (Special thanks to Alice Tully Hall's glorious 36' x 50' [h x w] screen.) They really don't make 'em like this anymore, and man, are we ever the poorer for it.

Cicero Ril

Still think Olivier's the best: Res Ipsa Loquitur -the facts speak for themselves!

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