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October 11, 2012


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The Master


He shot Milk too, right? Absolutely loved the stuff he shot for Fincher and Van Sant. Such a loss.


Yes, he shot Milk, too (but let's not hold that against him). He was a wizard, a true star.


With all the "celluloid is dead" stuff that is going on these days, Zodiac, more than Miami Vice or any other digitally shot movies that came out around that time, was the first movie to convince me that digital could look as nice as film. Any film he had his name on was worth seeing no matter who was in it. A true master. He was also the true heir to the throne of Gordon Willis.


American Gangster and Zodiac: the perfect A-to-Z, analog-to-digital, Savides-shot, 70s-set double procedural bill.

Louis Godfrey

I think his work on ELEPHANT is his career highlight. Such amazing movement and use of light. Deeply indebted to Tarr, but also so much more.


Only 55? Makes you wonder about all the great work he still had in him. His work for Baumbach is my favorite.


I agree about him being the heir to the Willis throne. This is terribly sad news; he was one of my absolute favorites in the craft.

David Ehrenstein


David Ehrenstein


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