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September 09, 2012


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David Ehrenstein

It's a lovely little movie, and its lack of "fraught" is the essence of its charm. Bing is playing the most amiable possible version of his late period persona. And he's well matched with Nicole Maurey on one side (quite a long way from "Diary of a Country Priest") and the ineffable Tuesday on the other ("Lord Love a Duck" and "Pretty Poison" several years off.)

All this and the truly wonderful song "The Second Time Around."

David Ehrenstein


Joel Bocko

High Times might make an interesting double-feature with The Country Girl, probably the most subversive take on the Crosby persona (and one of my favorite performances of all time).

Kind of fascinating to see perceptions of college life in 1960. Apropos the other thread, I always (or at least for 2 years, since I heard of this movie) thought they should have made a High Times sequel ten years down the line where Bing goes to 1970-era grad school. He could join a Maoist sect (Bob Hope would disown him in a cameo), experience a little free love of the May-December (or should I say Tuesday-Saturday?) variety, and finally live up to the first film's suggestive title if you know what I mean (I guess we'd have to wait for Redman and Method Man for that premise).

Mr. Peel

But does HIGH TIME have the Triple Lindy?

Hauser Tann

"It would be pretty pretentious, and worse, inaccurate, to say that High Time is some sort of structuralist film avant le lettre."

It might also be deemed pretentious to sprinkle one's writing with French expressions when one can't actually write in French (it's "avant la lettre"). Sorry about the snarky tone, but it's an issue I find rather confounding. I know I look up foreign-language expressions when I'm not sure how they should be written... Could I interest you in doing the same?

(The same thing happened with DFW, as a matter of fact. He couldn't string together more than three words in French without making a mistake... and yet he persisted in using the language, clearly unaware of his limitations in that area. And his editors somehow didn't have the wherewithal to catch those errors.)

Glenn Kenny

Fixed. Thanks for the correction. No comment on the editorializing.

Not David Bordwell

Re: the Triple Lindy

So pleased BACK TO SCHOOL is something of a cultural touchstone in these parts.

That Fuzzy Bastard

I once edited a video retrospective on the 80s work of William Zabka.

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