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September 25, 2012


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Oh, and... CUTE!!! Kendrick isn't as saucy as Em-Stone and definitely not as HYPNOTIC as K-Stew, but she seems like she'd be the best girlfriend ever. Also I liked her singing that Cam'Ron song in End of Watch.


Ah, so sad to read that about Hotel Transylvania. Tartakovsky's output, specially the sublime Samurai Jack, had me hoping for a strong film debut.


That picture perked up my day! She's the greatest.


See, I had the exact opposite reaction to HT. It strikes me as a movie for the boomers. The kids today--their "monsters" are Freddy, Jason and Jigsaw. They wouldn't know Dracula from Drake. The fact that the movie addresses the idea that the classic monsters are somehow outdated (not unlike that classic moment in "The Simpsons"' Halloween episode a couple of years back) kind of tickled me. But you're right that the rap number at the end negates everything that happened before, but such numbers are apparently de rigueur ever since the "Shrek" movies beat the idea to death.



Can someone tell me if she shows her feet in this?

She is SO CUTE and SO FUNNY and I usually NEVER EVER like funny women unless it's Emma Stone and the late great awesome Brittany Murphy, but something about Little Kendricky makes me feel secure where even though she's being all silly and funny, I don't feel threatened as an alpha male and would think she WAS SO COOL AND DOWN AND FUN and OH MY GOD IS SHE AWESOME.

Chris L.

Lex's instincts are right-on here (if you discount the "non-threatening" requirement).

Also, a note to casting directors: Kendrick + Elizabeth Olsen = Apotheosis of Squeezability.


She is indeed awesome.

Glenn, perhaps you'll prefer one of her upcoming films, Joe Swanberg's DRINKING BUDDIES. Oh, wait...

Glenn Kenny

Heard about that, JBryant. Too bad. With the obvious exceptions of Kent Osborne and JS's wife (and even there the jury could conceivably said to be out) pretty much everyone who works with Swannie lives to regret it.


Now I'm truly confused, Glenn. Should we be expecting a Kenny/Faraci boxing match or a Kenny/Swanberg boxing match?

Glenn Kenny

I'll take 'em both on. Faraci first, as I'll be able to take him out with a love tap. Swanberg will be a trickier proposition. Give me a month to train though and I'm pretty sure I can make his mother wish she never had him, his wife wish she'd never married him (that'll be a little tougher since as far as I can glean—from her film, her performances in her husband's films, and a brief face-to-face meeting—she's only barely sentient), and so on, and so on. I've got every confidence that Swanberg loathes me even more than he does Faraci, but we're never gonna "duke it out" because a) it's just too adolescent—I'm in my fifties for heaven's sake; and b) I think he knows that I know more about him than he's comfortable with, and wants to keep away. Which is rather prudent of him I must say.

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