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September 24, 2012


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I'm unclear on whether your upshot here is to propose a boxing match between Lena Dunham and Greta Gerwig or between Noah Baumbach and Joe Swanberg...

John M

The Dunham influence appears to have real reach, with the casting of Mickey Sumner.

Sting's daughter.

Who might be great, but...not sure on which side of coincidence we're falling here.

Vince the Vulgarian

Greta Gerwig must be a fucking demon in bed. I mean, dudes MAKE MOVIES about her. That's quite a commitment. Writing a song or a poem in one thing, but to imbue in a man the notion that he needs to marshal all of his resources in order to capture your essence on film? That takes more than just a willing honey pot or remedial blow jobs skills. Not to mention that Baumbach left Jennifer Jason Leigh for her, JJL being, by all accounts, no slouch in the sexy sex department herself. I'm just saying. Gerwig is a very fine actress, but come on, so is (was?) Mare Winningham.


"Greta Gerwig must be a fucking demon in bed."

Most actors of either sex who can carry movies are demons in bed. The skillsets have major overlaps.

Vince the Vulgarian

^ That's very interesting, Petey. Explain.


"That's very interesting, Petey. Explain ... Gerwig is a very fine actress, but come on, so is (was?) Mare Winningham."

Mare Winningham IS indeed a fine actress. Catch her fine recent work in Todd Haynes' Mildred Pierce. (Though she'll always burn brightest in most of our minds for Miracle Mile, of course.) But Mare Winningham could never carry movies. Gerwig can.

Seriously, this ain't rocket science. A basic familiarity with the seedier side of cinema history and/or a deep understanding of how movies work and/or some actual exposure to working actors, combined with a decent understanding of the skillset necessary for being 'good at sex' should let you put together all the pieces of the puzzle...

Ian Johnston

Glenn, did something drop out of your second sentence? "... wherein Frances (Greta Gerwig) address each other ..." Or are there two Franceses?

Vance Vulgar

Wow. Thanks for shedding some light on the subject, Petey. You seem like a very pleasant guy. Can we be friends?

Vance Vulgar

Hey, Joe Swanberg: Noah Baumbach took your girl AND your aesthetic. Bro, went to the big city and got punked. I told you so. Only thing you can do now is make a movie about it. You have to. That's the only way to handle guys like Baumbach. Talk back to them. They don't like it.

Glenn Kenny

@ Ian Johnston: Aaargh. Fixed.

Vance, or Vince, you may indeed be vulgar, but you're not particularly up on indie film gossip. Swanberg has been married for the balance of his "filmmaking" "career." To a woman who loves puppies and ice cream, if i recall their wedding web site correctly. Also, Swanberg doesn't HAVE an "aesthetic," which is one of the several reasons why his movies are largely dogshit. I've covered all this...

Tom Carson

I have no idea why you have such an emetic reaction to FRANCES HA being described as a "valentine" or a "love letter." It obviously is, with the tracking shots of Greta alternately running and dancing down the street to the tune of "Modern Love" being Exhibit A. Plus, it's not like Baumbach isn't notorious for mining his personal life in his movies, making that a legitimate topic for reviewers to address. I quite liked the movie, by the way.

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