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September 24, 2012


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I enjoyed both of Rian Johnson's previous features, and this looks to be a real winner. Though I'm sure, as with all time-travel movies, some folks will nitpick paradoxes in the plot to death. I'm more interested in the style, atmosphere, and performances.

What a year Gordon-Levitt's having, and Lincoln's still to come!

David Ehrenstein

He's so damned gorgeous it's scary.


Well, it looks like another individual is posting as "JC" as of late (I only noticed him recently; he posted in the Swanberg/Faraci thread). Eh, I'll just post my entire name (Clayton Sutherland) in the future.

(But I think I was here first...heh. No big deal.)

Clayton Sutherland


In general, or in the picture above? Because, as you probably know, they did quite a lot of makeup work on his face to make him resemble a young Bruce Willis.

David Ehrenstein

In general


David Ehrenstein

or rather



JGL looks like a freakin kid in that 500 DAYS OF SUMMER clip and it was what, a mere three years ago? Pretty enjoyable movie too, if I may say.


I tend to read only the first and last paragraphs of reviews for most movies I might want to soon see, and Glenn's review here is a textbook example of how to write a review in a helpful manner to me.

Juan Carlos

Sorry, Clayton Sutherland. Didn't mean to step on your toes.

I'll sign Juan Carlos from now on!


I've skipped every trailer and will be skipping every review because I'm under the impression it's just one of those movies...

David Ehrenstein

And then there's


Jason M.

One of the reasons that LOOPER partially has a PRIMER vibe to it is that apparently Shane Carruth helped Rian Johnson plot out and "proofread" the time travel loops for the movie. Here's hoping Carruth gets another movie off the ground sometime soon; his screenplay A TOPIARY is amazing (and sadly not likely to ever get funded).

Can't wait to see LOOPER as well.

Clayton Sutherland

No problem, Juan. I should've been signing in with my full name long ago anyways. My earlier post was made just in case one of us said something highly offensive (in the future) to the posters here. Then, if someone else commented on it at a later date, we'd be like, "Whaaaaaaaat?".

Cheers. :)

Clayton Sutherland

Well, The Master is finally making it to Vancouver on Friday. So I'll see that in the afternoon, and Looper in the evening. Should be an interesting double-bill.

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