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September 06, 2012


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Wow, I hope HELLO, I MUST BE GOING makes it to my neck of the woods. I've liked Lynskey since HEAVENLY CREATURES, and it's great to see her getting a feature lead again.

Your review of THE WORDS has an interesting error. I'm guessing a young copy editor at MSN ran a SpellCheck and "corrected" pissant to puissant. :)

Joel Gordon

According to that New Yorker article, the directors of CLOUD ATLAS may have abandoned the nesting-doll structure of the story. Oh, well. I thought that maybe the release of CA, in conjunction with THE WORDS, might bring about an insipid Slate trend piece on the subject. In turn, it would inspire someone to adapt Philip Roth's THE COUNTERLIFE.

Jaime N. Christley

Thanks to SPEED RACER, I have a lot of goodwill re: the Wachowskis, heading into CLOUD ATLAS, so I wouldn't fault them for any renovations on Mitchell's book, which (a little over halfway thru) I'm finding enjoyable but not for its structural gimmicks. To be blunt, the story fissures strike me as...Dan Brown-esque.

Tom Block

That thing looks like a load from the word go.


"I've liked Lynskey since HEAVENLY CREATURES, and it's great to see her getting a feature lead again."

Good god. "Liked" is bit too mild for my taste. Her performance in that movie is one of the great cinema performances of all time.

nathan phillips

Melanie Lynskey mentions you, Glenn, in the recent DP30 interview with her that's up on Youtube. You probably knew that already but I got a kick out of it.

Glenn Kenny

I was not aware of this, Nathan. Poland never tells me anything! Now I'll have to go look at it...


Petey, I agree she's great in HEAVENLY CREATURES, and didn't mean to imply she wasn't. Guess I should've said "I've liked Lynskey since her great performance in HEAVENLY CREATURES."

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