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August 09, 2012


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That Fuzzy Bastard

I feel like "the most interesting, challenging, purposefully frustrating, and idiosyncratically engaging picture" could describe 4/5 of Lee's output. Dude remains the maddest genius out there.

Grant L

Correction corner: in the Bourne review it says Robert Ludlow instead of Ludlum.

Brad Olson

when is someone going to put Jeremy Renner in a film with Jeremie Renier?


It's interesting how Glenn's reviews, as of late, are almost always more generous than the Metacritic average. I don't remember this being the case when he wrote for Premiere. But it's all good: I'd rather folks have a "glass half-full", as opposed to "glass half-empty", attitude anyways.

(Hmmm...now that I think of it, was Metacritic even around when Glenn wrote for Premiere?)


John Turturro guest-hosting for Leonard Lopate on WNYC and interviewing Spike Lee. Live. Now.

(The week Christopher Walken guest-hosted for Leonard Lopate was pretty sweet.)


Also, why no 2 Days in New York review?

I'd think the stunt-casting of Lena Dunham as Julie Delpy alone would be worth a review...


It seems like everyone is giving Bourne Legacy a lukewarm review. Not that good but not that bad. I wonder if it's because people will always compare it to the original film. I wonder if it'd get a great review if it is the original film.


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