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August 01, 2012


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I don't understand the need to remake TOTAL RECALL either (I don't understand most remakes these days, but that's another story). I know Philip K. Dick fans were unhappy with it, and I can understand that - and I acknowledge the hypocrisy of not being upset with Arnold being cast in this while fuming at Robert Redford playing the title role of THE NATURAL when, in both cases, the casting changes the tenor of the story - but it's Arnold's best film, I think, and it was another example of how Verhoeven could make entertaining big-budget films while keeping his satirical eye. I don't see how a remake is going to touch that.


Which is more depressing, a PG-13 'Total Recall' or (so the stories go) Rob Bottin abandoning Hollywood for real estate?!


Shit, Rob Bottin abandoning Hollywood, hands down. Stupid remakes have been going on for a while.

Simon Abrams


What, somebody had to say it!

David Ehrenstein

Paul Schneider is truly teriffic in Christophe Honore's "Beloved" -- which will be getting it's U.S. release shortly. He plays a gay drummer in a rock band who Chiara Mastroianni falls madly in love with even after learnign he's gay and HIV+. Tragedy results.

And yes -- it's a musical.

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