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August 13, 2012


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I wonder what it takes to get credentials to cover the film portion of South by Southwest...

J. Priest

Ha, hearing Glenn discuss "The Artist" would be fun, but not in the way that link would have me believe.

Peter Nellhaus

I feel the question should be reframed as it refers primarily to Hollywood movies, although admittedly recent Bollywood and Asian films have also been going for explosions and car chases.

Peter Labuza

Will support if the entire thing is a road trip set to the Go-Go's song.


Voted. Hope to see you here next spring.

Wilson Smith

Hope you make it down here, Glenn. I'm sure you'd dig it in Austin.

Don R. Lewis

I do hope you go in some capacity, it's an amazing fest. Even though you've had...errr....*issues* with the filmmakers they've shepherded it's an incredible town with a real passion for ALL film. It's just that the genre/bloggeratti seems to speak louder than the rest. Plus the people that launched out of SXSW are like, .8% of what is shown so that's not really the way to judge it, I don't think.

SXSW is easily my favorite fest on the circuit next to Fantastic fest which I recommend you do NOT ATTEND, Then again, they have a boxing night where you box for 3 mins then debate film topics for 3 mins. I seem to remember a boxing challenge you made to a very tough, badass acting blogger and he quickly pussied out pretty quick. Could be an entertaining #2 event if the challenge went public...

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