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August 07, 2012


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Owain Wilson

What a terrible shame.

Mr Hamlisch composed my favourite Bond title song, Nobody Does It Better, which is also my favourite song of all time. He captured Roger Moore's particular screen presence and charm with that one song. Very clever man. Plus, his score for The Spy Who Loved Me is proper bonkers, just like the film itself. Perfect, in other words.

You mention the humour in his music, Glenn. I immediately thought of his score for The Informant!, and in particular the scene where the FBI raid Matt Damon's workplace. The cue for this scene is inspired. The track is called The Raid and it's on YouTube. Give it a listen, folks.


Huh. Peering over the filmography, I didn't realize The Informant!. May be a good excuse to re-watch.

(Didn't realize The Swimmer either.)


Our local NPR station ran an interview with Hamlisch not too long ago, and he singled out his work in Bananas as being among his favorites, feeling it was often overlooked by people talking about his credits.

Also, I recently finished reading the Groucho Marx biography Hello, I Must Be Going, and Hamlisch features prominently in there, having been Groucho's accompanist for a while, and frequent visitor to his home. Came off like a thoughtful guy.

E.W. Swackhamer

Still can't believe he had a three-way with Kay Lenz and Sybil Danning in Arthur Hiller's jacuzzi in front of the likes of David Janssen, Elmer Bernstein, and Stanley Donen. Supposedly he was killing it. Sybil Danning took a nap on a chaise lounge afterwards.


I was a performing arts geek in high school, being in musical theater, band, and, my senior year, madrigal choir, and in all of them, got to either perform or hear (mostly the latter) songs from "A Chorus Line", which remains today my favorite work involving Hamlisch ("Nobody Does it Better" and the score for BANANAS being a close second).

Lazarus, according to a comment on the New York Times obit, Groucho used to introduce Hamlisch as the best musician he ever worked with.


"Groucho used to introduce Hamlisch as the best musician he ever worked with."

Makes sense for why Woody decided to start his feature career using him before he got more DIY.

Jonathan H.

Here's Marvin with Cindy Garvey who left ballplayer Steve to be with the maestro:

Love his work on THE SWIMMER, made all the more impressive by the fact that he was in his early 20s and still in, or barely out of, music school when he did it.

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