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August 07, 2012


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"I thought it would not be remiss to provide the following not just as an excuse, but potentially an entertainment."


Thomas D.

And Tiffany Bolling was Henri Pachard's assistant? That's a star studded crew. I wonder if that kind of production support shows up on screen.

Chris O.

Woo-hoo! Keep swinging, Glenn.

That Fuzzy Bastard

No apology required, man! I enjoy your Consumer Guides, but like most of the folk here, I enjoy whatever you're writing, because you write well. And this story is very, very well written indeed!


Yes, excellent stuff. Put me down for one(1) copy, please.


This makes me curious about your review of "Boogie Nights," which must have resonated with you... I enjoyed this a great deal, and I hope you're successful shopping it around, because I'd like to read more.

David Ehrenstein

Have you seen The Fluffer ?

Tom Block

That's no way to talk about Jonah Goldberg.

Nicholas Le Fou

What a juicy taste, but what a tease you are, Glenn! I can't wait to devour the full work.



IMDB has the details, so apparently it actually exists ...

Glenn Kenny

Of course it exists! Why would/how could I make this up?

My name being misspelled in the credits is why I have two separate (and sparse) IMDB pages...

wholesale sunglasses

Even a dragon (from the outside) finds it hard to control a snake in its old haunt - Powerful outsiders can hardly afford to neglect local bullies.


Well, yeah. Obviously.


Ok, now you're bringing it back....

Marco Nero -- delighted with 3-way scenes, described them with unforgettable Italian accent.
Dan Goldman -- another NYU film grad; "assistant editing" meant cutting/sending out the trailers.
Joel Bender -- numerous pseudonyms, we never knew what his real name was.
Larry Revene -- shot many late QXV classics, an admirer of Laszlo Kovacs, if memory serves.
Bob Sumner -- my boss, the visionary behind QXV's transition from film to video; stag to "adult" cinema.

No discussion of the late Sam Lake -- I'd love to know what his real name was -- would be complete without some visuals. A gentle, bald, stooping Jewish octegenarian with enormous hairy ears, a perpetual cigar in hand or mouth, the same technicolor seersucker blazer every day and the occasional pair of white loafers. Huge pinky ring (of course). Was always very nice to his workers. Gave us all the day off whenever Women Against Pornography staged a protest in front of the office.


Interesting credit noted by IMDB: "The producer's wish to express special thanks to: Jean's Patio."

Details, Glenn?

And is a Blue=Ray coming soon?

Glenn Kenny

@ George: Interesting indeed. I think I have an idea. It'll be in the book!


Say, Glenn, did your adventures in this world ever bring you into contact with Robert Kerman? (He asked, having just seen CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST.)

Glenn Kenny

@Bill: Indeed they did. Kerman, a.k.a. R. Bolla, plays "The Count" in "A Girl's Best Friend." Nice guy. Jersey boy, as I recall.

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