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July 26, 2012


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why blame Akiva Schaffer? Stiller's the man in charge here.

Terry McCarty

Tad Friend's article on Ben Stiller seemed to imply that THE WATCH was a "one for Fox" film with THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY as Stiller's "one for me" project.


Well, I still hope I like THE WATCH, if for no other reason than because Dean Learner's in it.

That Fuzzy Bastard

Just saw, and... That was a very dad-rockin' evening at the movies.

Mary Anne Robins

Thank you Glenn Kelly for giving The Watch a bad review. I will definately watch it. It will probably be funny as was Jack and Jill-- the funniest movie I've seen in a long time and I watch alot of movies. Thank God I didn't listen to the negative reviews on that one, especially since i haven't really laughed at any of the main stream comedies produced lately, even though they all got rave reviews, with the exception maybe of Horrible Bosses. I encourage you to have the courage to post this comment somewhere visible.

Thanks, Maryanne

Maryanne Robins

Tu shea Mr. Kelly and I probably spelt that wrong. I gotta say though it's easy to post a comment here, not so with some other sites, requiring membership in facebook, for example. I would also like to see more of Steve Martin--maybe another Pink Panther movie--that was good for a few belly laughs.
I truly do not understand why Adam Sandler is being run over the coals--he has been making people laugh for almost two decades and I for one would not want him to change a thing--I wouldn't presume to advise a comic genius.

Thanks again,
Maryanne Robins

maryanne Robins

I forgot to mention Mr.Popper's Peguins which was also very funny, despite some negative reviews and I hope I haven't forgotten any other recent funny movies because they are really too few and those that do work ought to be highlited.
Thanks for letting me make this comment so easily
Maryanne Robins

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