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June 19, 2012


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David Ehrenstein

One of the greatest comic character actors ever. My favorite Spinetti moment is in "Help!" where as a mad scientist he contemplates a device he has create declaiming "Why with this I could -- dare I say it? -- RULE THE WORLD!"

He was also in "Under the Cherry Moon" (Prince obviously after Victor's mojo.)

Peter Nellhaus

With a great assist by that ridiculously fuzzy sweater, best appreciated on the big screen.

J. Priest

Absolutely. When I saw that photo, the first thought that came to mind was John and Paul's exchange. "If he's got [a wife], look at his sweater." "She might have knitted it." "She knitted him," etc.

Michael Dempsey

"It's the brain drain. His brain is draining."


An indelible charactor actor from my childhood due to Lester's films. Another quote from HDN: "Of course, once you're over thirty, you're finished. It's a young man's medium and I just can't take the pace."
In John's words: "I could listen him for hours."

Matt Blankman

...and Victor Spinetti as the tailor


Everybody loves to hate "Start the Revolution Without Me," but they can suck my left tit.

It was a brilliant, fucked-up movie, and Mr. Spinetti gave a genius performance.

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