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May 31, 2012


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Aden Jordan

I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. My condolences.

As for 'Snow White', I'm a little surprised that two Snow White movies have come out within only a few months of each other, even if they are very different as your review mentioned. I will probably see it just to support Bob Hoskins' career.


Why is this a picture of Charlize Theron instead of the GREATEST MOVIE STAR in the entirety of cinema?

I want to see K-Stew, not a 36-year-old. Anyone who doesn't like K-Stew is just plain objectively WRONG. She is better than Brando, better than Pacino, and more beautiful than ANY woman ever. Ever. Ever.

You will watch this movie on BENDED KNEE in awe of her.


Someone's got a crush.


"You will watch this movie on BENDED KNEE in awe of her."

Someone's got a crush, and talks like Loki.


Someone's got a crotch, and it is overtaking his rational discourse.

Mr. Ziffel

Personally, I don't get why K-Stew gets so many prime roles. To paraphrase Parker, she runs the gamut of emotions from A to Blank.

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