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May 17, 2012


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Other Brian

Update. Pindar!!!


If you haven't already, you should see Diana Dilworth's documentary "Mellodrama", all about the Mellotron, Chamberlain, and such related instruments as the Birotron and the Orchestron. Among the interviewees; Mike Pinder, Ian McDonald, Rod Argent, Brian Wilson, Rick Nielsen, Tony Banks, Patrick Moraz, Job Brion and many more. Well worth it, says this tron fan.


Er... Jon Brion not Job Brion (it's late....)

James Keepnews

The first-generation sampler -- second, I guess, to the Chamberlain, an even dodgier piece of portable (provided you had roadies) musique unconcrète. ("Chamberlain" is the only credit David Bowie receives on the ridiculously under-appreciated live double-album, Stage, something I found ridiculously pretentious at the time -- "what, 'exchequer's got to many syllables?" -- until I understood it was intended to be punningly accurate, making me consider it even more pretentious.) Indefatigable Crimhead as I am, the 'tron is a sound I adore, not least when it turns up as a sample of a sample in unlikely contemporary settings, as in the estimable Craig Taborn's voice bank on Tim Berne's superb Thirsty Ear release The Shell Game. Truth told, I'm patiently waiting for the ineluctable collapse of the British pound sterling and a resultant discount before ordering this hoodie: http://djtees.com/tshop/store/viewItem.asp?idProduct=4531 (Note I'm receiving no promotional fees for pasting that link, but I am seriously considering creating a Kickstarter project to underwrite the purchase of an entire wardrobe of such items and, who knows?, maybe your buddy's Mellotron in the bargain.)

Tim Lucas

Don't be discouraged by your performance. I believe Robert Fripp once said, "Tuning a mellotron doesn't."

Pinko Punko

Super awesome.

Ron Goldberg

Free Mellotron samples all over the web, there for the taking. A very convincing VST emulation called M-Tron available too. Breaking your back to lug a B3 around I can sort of understand (but only barely). You can get most of the B3 sound digitally, but the feel of the actual instrument isn't duplicable. But this? This?


Oh the Blue Mellotron! (Complete with that crazy cosmic unicorn painting) The man who restored it is a member of the newmellotrongroup and shared the restoration photos. Frank does terrific work!

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