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April 23, 2012


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Well, I will say that this is my favorite Three Studies since I've started reading your blog, Glenn.


- She'll always be Chihuahua to me.
- While I understand that Jennifer Jones is a completely different person, for some reason, my first thought on seeing this post was that I wanted to watch Duel in the Sun again.



Glenn, I think you were the one that hipped me to SUMMER STORM (and the subsequent start of my Darnell obsession). I need to see this ASAP.


Oh, Linda Darnell...that last shot is a heart-stopper.

Seeing her, Laird Cregar, and George Sanders together in HANGOVER SQUARE is like walking into a live-action Hollywood Museum of Depression. Good movie, though.


YES. Laird Cregar is another favorite of mine. For different reasons though.

The Siren

"...in general appearance, she is a kind of person I can imagine going on all fours for..." --James Agee on Linda Darnell in Summer Storm


Ravishing woman, sad story - reminded me of Gail Russell. Thrown into the deep end too young with no training or background to cope with Hollywood, made a bad marriage to a much older man who introduced her to the bottle, etc. I can't say that Zanuck was wrong about her exactly - she's really not as interesting as she should be even in her Bad Girl phase -- but ideally there should always be a special place for such a beauty in the movies. "Unfaithfully Yours" is hardly her picture, but you can see why Harrison is going out of his mind with jealously.

Whatever Darnell's personal problems, Mankiewicz did not behave well. The word "cad" springs to mind.

David Ehrenstein

Linda Darnell has becoem a subject of considerable discussion on the movie blogs -- especially "Shadowply" and "Sef-Styled Siren."

Her masterpiece is of course "A Letter To Three Wives." But it never ceases to amaze me how she can liven up every movie she's in.


I won't repeat myself from my comment on the Siren's blog, except to say that I've been enamored with Linda Darnell for years. One of the most beautiful women to ever grace the screen, and a fine actress when given the opportunity.

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