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March 26, 2012


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Playing that scene back in step mode is a testament to your commitment to research. Or something. :)

Not David Bordwell

I guess Glenn does have time for the ole' in-out in-out!


They may not be best friends but they are enjoying duplicate popsicles bought by their Uncle Stanley---the bearded guy in the brown leather jacket standing to the right at a book rack while Alex makes his way around the music bootick.


This post speaks either to Glenn's dedication to futile causes (fact-checking IMDb plot summaries inexplicably quoted by Slate writers) or to his unmatched ability to find weird pretexts for close-watching the sex scenes in A Clockwork Orange. Admirable, either way.



"Blow-up [...] She played an aspiring model who has a threesome with the lead character"

Actually, was there a threesome? Was there a murder? Was there a tennis ball? Has Haglund seen the film or he's just wiki'ed it? Are there Mooninites in MAD MEN? Should I care if there are not?

David Ehrenstein

Hills also starred in "Beat Girl" (un film de Edmond T. Greville) and Georges Franju's "C'est la Faute de l'Abee Mouret."

Josh Z

I haven't read the Anthony Burgess novel in ages. Any elucidation there, perhaps?


Little known fact: these two characters were the inspiration behind Céline et Julie vont en bateau.

The Fanciful Norwegian

"I haven't read the Anthony Burgess novel in ages. Any elucidation there, perhaps?"

Only that the two "were much alike, though not sisters." And that they "couldn't have been more than ten," a detail Kubrick wisely ignored.

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