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March 15, 2012


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That Fuzzy Bastard

Wow, yeah, the look on Hill's face after the joke is... kind of terrifying. He looks like Albert Brooks at rest in Drive or some shit. Cool that Ice Cube is willing to talk philosophy of policing, though! As SUPERBAD is The Fuzzwife's favorite film of recent years, I suspect I'm gonna end up seeing this, and I suspect I'm actually going to kind of like it.

J. Priest

Just started watching, but is this a new practice, having stars dress up at these things in their costumes?

Tom Russell

I'm in agreement with That Fussy Bastard re: the look on Hill's face. Something similar happened with your Denzel Washington interview, Glenn-- I think you should make it a kind of trademark of these things. :-D


"I've put on some goddamn winter weight"

Apparently so did Hill. I'm glad he did, because I never found "skinny Jonah HIll" to be funny.



From now on you should wear your Erotic Connoisseur outfit on these videos.


preston, are you talking about the priest suit he once wrote about wearing?

Alan Jones

Judging by this interview, Ice Cube definitely fits Cam'Ron's definition of a "snitch": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTwipn-Fp_U



Um, from a Buñuel-ian view… sure!


"OMG" as they say. It seems Hill is taking himself wayyy too seriously...all whilst, attire-wise, looking like he's about to break out in song (think: YMCA). Perhaps it was the angst produced from a "former fatty stand-off" between you two? Maybe Hill can mull that over for the "majority of his 30's" and have "everyone say yes" to an extraordinary masterpiece we can all look forward to in years to come. Channing seemed chill (but he probably naturally has a way of not pissing off Jonah). As for Ice Cube? He's the man.

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